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The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board More than 95% of our Workers’ Compensation cases are tried at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) in Marina Del Rey, although there are a few exceptions. Be sure to read your Notice of Court Hearing to check the location. Where is the WCAB in Marina Del Rey? Where is Leo? The WCAB is located right off of Lincoln Blvd. and Mindinao Way. The WCAB is right above Panera Bread and Wahoo’s Fish Taco. From the outside it may not appear to be a courthouse, but step inside and take the elevator up to the second floor and you will find the various court rooms. The waiting area where Leo will meet you is to the left of the elevators, and there will be several signs pointing towards it. There you must take a seat and wait for Leo to come and find you. Depending on how busy the courthouse is, it may take a while, but he is there.  Where do I park? If you drive to the courthouse, be aware that parking at the courthouse is not free and we do not reimburse for parking, nor does the insurance. There is a two hour parking limit and many spots are reserved for restaurant patrons. However, if you have a disabled placard, you can park in the lot for free. We suggest you search for street parking in the neighboring area. Be sure to read the signs, though, as there are street cleaning days and other restrictions. Courthouse Conduct The WCAB functions like any other courthouse. You may not bring in any weapons and you should dress appropriately. Dress in clothing you would wear to church or a job interview. The CHP is in charge of security at the courthouse, so there are always police present. Be on your best behavior, as any sort of deviance can hurt your case.   
Contact: 3330 Pico Blvd. Suite 2308 Santa Monica, CA 90405   (310) 452-1441 Fax: (310) 452-2075  
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